Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New website!!!!

Long time no see, folks! There is a reason for that: been too busy with everything else! It's been a crazy year so far.... in good and in bad.

This will ber my last posting on this blog-site. No worries, cat blog is not closing, we are just moving to a brand new website! Finally, is here! The page is still a bit under construction on certain parts, but we're getting there. Slowly, slowly, that's how everything is done in Indonesia! Huge thanks to Amazing Aron, a cat lover and a super nice guy, who has helped me build the new website and the new look for the whole project. Couldn't have done this, or many other things, without him kicking my ass! will have all the information you will need about our cat project. Where's the cat shop, how can I help, what is Cats Of Gili doing and why, how to donate etc.

And a cat blog is there too, direct link to the blog-page: just click here.


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