Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cats that love the cat shop, and other stories

There may not be many paying customers visiting the cat shop every day, but who cares, it never gets lonely! More and more cats seem to hear about the place and come visit. I can imagine the news spreading through their feline grapevine that hey guys, have you heard, there's a cat shop at Egoiste, there's FREE FOOD!

There's Alepa, our official cat shop cat, of course. And there is Siwa, another cat that lives at the neighbourhood and loves to hang around every day. She also loves to sneak inside, find a hiding place and take a nap. A new cat visitor is a big black and white male, no balls any longer of course so he's been to the clinic already. He's been visiting for couple of days now and he's super friendly and talkative: he can be heard coming before you even see him. And as I'm witing this post, there's a new ginger male cat that just appeared from somewhere, checked the shop and then parked himself to the food bowl.

Alepa is of course not happy. I think she considers she owns the place and she just looks super annoyed when strange cats come to eat from HER foodbowl.

Cats, gotta love 'em!

And here are some cats from that came to the November clinic for some reason or other, and are now doing really well: Raaskis was a skinny little kitten, full of fleas, when he was brought to the clinic on our first day. We could not release him, as he was in no condition to make it by himself, so we kept him at the clinic for 6 days so that the vets were able to look after him and medicate him and make sure he eats and gets better in every way. After the clinic moved to our neighbour islands, Raaskis moved to Lutwala Dive for one week, where his medication continued and he was slowly getting better. Now he lives in my house. Look at him now!

Raaskis taking it easy

A mommycat and 3 kittens were brought to the clinic in Gili Air. Mommy came first and later someone had left a box with 3 tiny tiny kittens in it on the Oceans 5 reception. We are not sure if the kittens are mommycat's own babies or not, but the babies seemed to accept the mommy with no problems and the mommy also took in the babies without hesitation. We knew where the mommycat was from, and went to ask if she has kittens there but no-one knew anything. They also did not want the mommycat back. So, mommycat became Mama Air, moved to Gili Trawangan with the 3 kittens and they are now living in my guestroom. Kittens have started to be playful, have learned to use a sandbox for a toilet and are also starting to eat cat food. All doing really well. Mama Air is the friendliest cat ever, and somehow I can just see how grateful she is to have a safe place to live and nothing to worry about. And the kittens are just super cute! (photos at the end of this post)

Then there is the kitten with just one eye. The other eye had to be removed, as it had already gone blind and was very infected. The kitten was very scared for the first couple of days, but has now started to be more friendly and even purrs when I hold her.

On top of these cats I have 5 other kittens that ended up in my care. Well, what could I do? They needed a place to live and.... there they are. This week they all will get vaccinated and then they can start going out.

I had 20something cats before the November clinic started. Now there's 30something, plus all the neighbourhood cats that also come eat in my kitchen.

Just to inform the Animal Hoarders -tv-show, that is surely already keeping an eye on me: all my cats live outside (after they have grown up and have been vaccinated) and most of them I only see once or twice a day when they come to eat. So it's not like I have dozens of cats inside my house or even in my garden. They come and go as they want and live very happy and free life. And they always know where to go if they need food, cuddles or anything else.

Oh, and now there is another new cat outside the cat shop, eating Alepa's food! They just keep on coming!

He loves the cat shop too
Kitten from Gili Air

Kitten from gili Air

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