Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poor little blind and deaf kitten

I don't know what it is with these ginger-white-kittens. First there was the braindamaged kitten we found at Gili Air when we had the January cat clinic. It died. Then came the kitten with the bad eye, that I was looking after for one night. It died. Then a friend of mine had the cutest little girl kitten, white and ginger too, and it just disappeared without a trace one night. We suspect the big monitor lizards that live on the island. Now I have another ginger-white kitten, and this one... must be one of the most heartbreaking, saddest kittens I've seen. So far.

Just when I think I have seen the worst, something comes up and shows me there is no ending to the sad cases with cats and kittens here.

This kitten I have now is one of the 4 kittens at a local warung close to my house. Seen the kitten there several times and it has been just fine. Scared little thing, as were his siblings. Yesterday when I was passing the warung, the people there stopped me and told one of the kittens is not well. I found it lying in the ground, it was very weak, dehydrated and obviously hungry. Mommycat and the siblings were nowhere to be seen, they had abandoned this one baby. What could I do, but take it home, set him up in a big cage I have, to keep him separated from my cats and to help him settle in a new environment. Put a sandbox there for a toilet, a furry hat to sleep in and bowls for food and water so it is a perfect little home for him. And the kitten ate a lot, went to the food like crazy. Not looking too bad I thought, maybe with food and loving care he will get his strength back and will grow up to be a fine, happy, healthy little kitten.

In the afternoon I started to realize there was something seriously wrong with the kitten, it was not just hungry and weak. It did not react to noise and soon I noticed it also does not react to any movement. It is obviously blind and deaf. It was not moving much and if he did, he started to scream in panic, as of course he felt lost, not being able to see or hear anything. I helped him to find the food bowl and he happily ate again and fell asleep with his face in the food. I guess he did not want to move away from the food, in case he does not find his way back to it.

I noticed it has a weird soft bump in his head, that felt like filled with liquid. Maybe that has something to with all this.

I held him while watching tv in the evening and he slept on top of my belly and seemed pretty ok. I put him back to his own home for the night and it fell asleep after eating again.

Around midnight I woke up to the kitten screaming his lungs out. He was having a seizure: shaking violently and uncontrollably, his eyes wide in panic. I did what I could to comfort him, and after a while the seizure passed. But soon came another one, that lasted over an hour. Just horrible to watch and not being able to do anything. I gave pain killers but not sure if he swallowed any, as he had no control of his actions at all. Finally the seizure ended and the kitten was just exhausted and fell asleep. As did I.

I was pretty sure the kitten will be dead by the morning, but no, still alive when I woke up at 6am. If he found comfort in my touch yesterday, today was another case. He totally panics when I touch him, screams and scratches and tries to bite. He obviously has no understanding what is happening to him. The little I was able to touch him, I noticed the bump in his head has gone down and I could feel there is a small opening in his skull, just under where the bump was.

He obviously has braindamage and unless a miracle happens, he will never grow up to live a proper cat's life, even if this thing does not kill him (as it will, I am quite sure of that). If I had anything to end his misery already now, I would do it. But I just cannot do it in any other way than with medicines (which I do not have for this) and even that would be just horrible to do. No matter how hard it is to see a kitten suffer, I cannot make myself to kill it. I know that is selfish, but no matter what, there are things you are just not able to do, no matter what. And killing kittens is one of those things for me.

I will follow how things progress during today. Been consulting some vets I know, but it is hard for them to help via email only.

If we just had the premanent vet clinic here...

But at least the kitten is now in a safe and warm and dry place, he does not have to die alone outside, where ants would start eating him alive and all.He has food and water and he has nothing to be afraid of. If he just understood that.

I am miserable, I am sad and I am in tears. I feel desperate and helpless and angry and every negative feeling there is.

Life sucks right now, but not as much for me as for this poor little kitten.


  1. Poor little thing, but now the good thing is he has you to help him get better (at least i hope he will get better).

    Toisaalta on mennyt vasta niin vähän aikaa, että on varmaan ihan normaalia sokean&kuuron raukan säikähtävän kosketusta. Se yhdistää varmaan nyt kohtauksen kivun kosketukseen, kun yritit antaa sille kipulääkettä. Kannattaa koittaa rauhallisesti kosketella sitä kun se syö jos se yhdistäisi kosketuksesi mielihyvään (vaikka ihan vain pitää kättä kissan selän päällä kevyesti). Jos se selviää hengissä niin kyllä se sisätiloissa oppii elämään :) Kissoilla on kuitenkin vahva hajuaisti ja ne tuntevat ilman värähtelyä tietysti sen lisäksi, että sokeat/kuurot kissat käyttävät paljon tuntoaistia esim. kävelemällä seinien vieruksia ja käyttämällä viiksiään monipuolisemmin kuin normi kissat :)

  2. Jhoo.... huokaus. Just kipasin kotona ja siellä hän oli loft-asuntonsa (häkki) nurkassa säikkynä. Vaikka on niin pieni että kämmenelle melkeen mahtuu kerälle niin kun rääpäle on totaalisessa hysteerisessä paniikissa niin lääkitseminen on lievästiki ilmastuna haastavaa. Mutta koitan häntä totuttaa uuelleen koskettamiseen, että ymmärtäis ettei se aina tarkota jotain ikävää.

    Hän ei ollu paljon syäny, mutta jos jotain positiivista niin ei ollu kohtauksen kourissa ja ihan kun olis pikkiriikkisen reagoinu ääniin. Jos tuo jää henkiin ja yhtään toipuu (eli noi kauheet kohtaukset loppuu) niin saa jäähä miun nurkkiin ihan rauhassa olemaan kuurosokee ja erikoistarpeinen parka, kyllä se siinä menee. Sympatiat on niin hänen puolella jo. Kova meteli siitä lähtee, että jos sais valita niin vaihettais sokeus mykkyyteen. Yks mykkä kissa miun nurkissa jo ennestäänki on, että menis siinä samalla.

  3. voi kissa raukkaa! olette ihania, että autatte. Kuuro ja sokea, miten ihmeessä? joku aiheuttanut?

  4. Hi Susanna,
    The only thing I can think of is that it is a bite mark. I once had a fox that had fang marks on it somewhat similar. Maybe there is an infection that has gone in there from the fang that has caused an encephalitis, menangitis etc. It may have been normal before the injury which is why it got to this stage, eyes open , etc. Only course of action is antibiotics, you will have not lab tests, so probably penicillin and maybe some steroids to take down the swelling on the brain if possible. You have not much to lose. Sue

  5. Hi Sue. Thanks for your comment.

    I don't think it is a bite mark, at least I cannot find anything like that on the kitten's head. I suspect it is something it was born with, and at first did not cause any problems, but now that the kitten has grown up a bit, here we are.

    Antibiotics and painkillers are given, not sure if it helps but what else there is to do?

    Yesterday the kitten was pretty ok, eating loads, doing cat like things like cleaning himself, walking around. And he let me touch him without freaking out. But last night around 1am the seizures came back, and he had them for hours! Short seizures, each lasted just some seconds, then a break and another one. The poor kitten is so exhausted now. I would say it breaks my heart, if my heart was not already in millions of pieces for him.

    Most likely the humane thing would be to euthanize him, I do realize that, but as I don't have medicines to do it and cannot kill it in any other way (even doing it with medicines would most likely break me, not sure I can handle that), I will still do whatever I can for him and hope for a miracle. Keeping him safe and as comfortable as possible, keep medicating him, making sure he has food and trying to comfort him when he can bear my touch.

    I cannot even cry anymore, am out of tears at the moment.

  6. My cat is blind since she was born. I don't know what I will do that time but when I saw your blog I get a lot of ideas on how to cure her disease. Thank you so much for letting us know this one.

    Vets Sheppey

  7. this article really hurts me. I am very sad for the poor kitty. can you please suggest me What should I feed my new kittens?

  8. I'm so sorry about the brain-damaged kitten you found. May his soul rest in peace. I'm just glad you are helping them out one by one. I know you're doing the best you can do about those kittens, and I hope you know that a lot of people appreciate the help you do for those little ones. Thank you! All the best to you! :)

    Charis Amen @ Island Veterinary Group


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