Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kitten with one eye

See the little kitten that was found a couple of days ago! Brian, who found him, has been taking care of the kitten. He sent it Lombok to see a vet (Vet Wahuy, of whom I have heard nothing but good things, I haven't met him yet though) right away. The vet removed the bad eye, and filled the empty eye socket with medicinal something. The kitten will go back there in couple of days, they remove the filling from the eye socket and I guess they will put stitches to close the eye. We'll see.

Brian brought the kitten to visit just a while ago, and we dewormed the kitten and put some flea powder on to get rid of the fleas. The kitten is soooooo cute! See the photos!

He's coming back tomorrow morning, as Brian needs to leave the island for one night, and while he's gone I promised to look after the little one. Awwwwwwwww!

I am so, so happy for this kitten. Lucky for him he was found by someone like Brian!

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  1. ihana punainen katti. sinä ihana ihminen taas pelastit!


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