Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feline panleucopenia

While we were having the cat clinic, it was confirmed that the virus that has been killing the cats around the islands is Feline Panleucopenia, aka cat plague.

The vets at the clinic had some test kits and tested a couple of cats that were sick and yep, the test was positive. This caused a bit of hysteria, among the cat owners here, and I also got very scared and had a minor mental breakdown, I think, as I thought all rest of my cats will die now. Gili Eco Trust ordered some vaccines against it right away, so at least some cats, those that have homes and owners willing to buy the vaccines, now have been  vaccinated against it.

Please check the article on Wikipedia. This virus is not a nice thing! 95% of kittens die, regardless of treatment and of adult cats, 85% die if not treated, and about 10-20% die even if you treat them. And it is highly contagious, unfortunately.

Vaccines (PUREVAX RCP) are still available, you can buy those from Trawangan Dive or by contacting me. A vaccination package for one cat costs 120 000 rupiah. Please note the vaccine cannot be given to a sick cat or a pregnant one or kittens under 12 weeks old.

I'm sure this panleucopenia is not the only thing going around, there is god knows what else. Cat flu for sure, but right now if I see a cat with snotty nose and other basic flu symptoms, I am relieved. That can be treated with antibiotics, but when there are cats that have no clear symptoms, but just stop eating and drinking and lie down and get weak, that is the problem and lots of these cats die, no matter what you do.

Of course, huge vaccination project should be done, but that is not cheap, unless someone donates us thousands of vaccines.

Luckily, Cats Of Gili already receives lots of medical donations. Just picked up a package with deworming tablets! Thanks to Antti from Finland for this donation!

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