Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad bad bad sad sad sad cat news...

Pantai Karang's pet cemetery
It has been a horrible week! I lost 2 of my tiny kittens the day after Dimmu died. Valivali and Satan died, within hours from each other. I was still in complete shock after losing Dimmu (and I am still not over that, I think I will never be, I just cannot believe she is gone) so when Valivali and Satan died, I was just in a weird automatic zombie-like mode: keep them comfortable, stay by their side, say goodbye, dig a grave, bury them, sit in the kitchen, smoke a pack of cigarettes.... I couldn't even cry much, I was just so horrified of everything.

Satan and Valivali

Valivali and Satan, as well as Lenita who died on New Year's Eve and Pössy who is still alive and doing good, came to me from our November clinic. They all were orphans found on the street, and as they were so tiny, I just had to bring them home. And they never left, they were happy at my house: there was food available, a box to sleep on, lots of friendly cats around and life was just so easy for them. Of the 4 kittens, only Pössy is still there.

At Pantai Karang, the loveliest little guesthouse close to where I live, they lost 3 of their 4 cats this week. 2 of them died on wednesday, within hours from each other. And I get phone calls all the time about this same thing going on everywhere.

I am not sure what this is, but it must be some evil virus, as antibiotics do not have any effect. This is just tragic and heartbreaking. Of my 17 cats, 4 have died since the beginning of the year. 2 of my cats are missing, I haven't seen them for days, so I'm afraid they have gotten sick too, and have just gone somewhere to die alone. My Seek is still sick, doing maybe a bit better as she is walking around and meoowing a lot in the bathroom where she is staying now, but she is not able to eat yet. She is desperately hungry, and goes to stare the food and meoows sadly, but she just cannot make herself to swallow anything. She has blood in her poo and that scares the hell out of me, too.

I cannot wait for next week, as our clinics start on wednesday and we will have vets on the island. I hope they will know what the hell this is, and what we can do about it. I'm pretty sure our clinic will see lots of sick cats this time.

My little Pössy got totally confused after losing all her friends. She has been meoowing a lot, which is totally new thing, as she was always the one who did not make any number of her existence. She was the quiet one, never making a noise. But now... oh my, she has been keeping the whole neighbourhood awake, I think. I had to take her inside and that helped, last night she slept happily - and quietly - in a box in my bedroom.

She also decided yesterday that my Adam Lambert must be her long lost mommy. Adam is a boy, but Pössy doesn't care! While Adam is sleeping, Pössy goes to suck Adam's belly and purrs happily while doing it, and Adam does not mind at all, he has always been super friendly cat. Just hilarious!

Pössy thinks Adam lambert is her mommy

The cat with the burned ass is doing well. The burned area is shrinking and she will have a nice shiny pink ass soon! She is a Houdini, though. She is wearing a plastic collar but still she manages to get the diaper-like bandages off from her behind. I have no idea how she manages to do that!

Zorro, my kitten with the bad eye, is doing good too. The eye is horrible of course, but otherwise he is healthy and happy and I hope he stays that way. He will go to the clinic on wednesday to get the horror eye removed. He is such a lovely kitten and so, so cute.

If anything good has come out of this killer virus nightmare that has been going on, it is the fact that it is not just me anymore who is dreaming of having a permanent animal clinic on the island. That is something that we really need here, and not just for cats but for all animals. If we had the clinic, I'm sure it would be easy to organize volunteer vets and vet students come here to spend a week or two or even longer time helping our animals.

We have a dream, and we want to make this happen! (Still looking for the winning lottery ticket or generous millionaires, btw...)

Adam and Pössy

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