Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another goodbye

My super cute tiny little kitten died on sunday-monday night. He was a bit under the weather for a couple of days, did not want to eat, had diarrea, and was just very sleepy. We spent one day at Lutwala Dive, where Lutwala's Trish had all kinds of medicines and stuff that orphan kittens may need. We gave the kitten fluids and medicine for diarrea and he seemed to get much better. He started eating like crazy and was back to himself. All looked good, no worries.

Late sunday evening I suddenly noticed he was sleeping in his basket in a very weird position and that something is wrong. He had poo all over there and was looking miserable. I lifted him up, he was quiet, very very weak, was not able to stand. He had some kind of seizures a bit. I could see that he's going already, there is this look in cat's the eyes that tells it's time to say goodbye. My tiny kitten had that look. All I could do was to keep him comfortable.

He died soon after, took his last breath and said his last quiet meoow in my hand. I buried the kitten behind my house, where already 3 other cats are resting.

I am miserable and have been crying my eyes out.

I know it's impossible to save every cat. And that kittens, especially this young and without their mommies, are so, so vulnerable. Still, it's is very hard to accept. And even harder to watch a tiny life end.

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  1. Horrible moments :-( I'm so sorry to hear this. My condolences. You know.


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