Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New website!!!!

Long time no see, folks! There is a reason for that: been too busy with everything else! It's been a crazy year so far.... in good and in bad.

This will ber my last posting on this blog-site. No worries, cat blog is not closing, we are just moving to a brand new website! Finally, is here! The page is still a bit under construction on certain parts, but we're getting there. Slowly, slowly, that's how everything is done in Indonesia! Huge thanks to Amazing Aron, a cat lover and a super nice guy, who has helped me build the new website and the new look for the whole project. Couldn't have done this, or many other things, without him kicking my ass! will have all the information you will need about our cat project. Where's the cat shop, how can I help, what is Cats Of Gili doing and why, how to donate etc.

And a cat blog is there too, direct link to the blog-page: just click here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cat News: coming cat clinic, new shop front, etc

Hard and sad times have unfortunately continued and we've been - and still are - crazy busy getting everything ready for the coming cat clinic. But it's time for CAT NEEEEEWS now!

A graffiti artist from Finland spend a couple of days in Gili Trawangan, and wanted to help our cat project a bit. We were excited but so was he, as we gave him the task to paint the whole shop front at Egoiste Cat Shop. It turned out to be just fantastic!

We organized a garage sale, together with Gili Eco Trust, to collect money for the March cat and horse clinics. The sale was a success again, loads of people came to shop second hand clothes and other stuff. All profits is spend on medicines we need for the cats and horses.

Our cat hospital has been full, seems the diseases just keep on going around. Past 4 weeks or so I have buried 7 of my cats, 2 have gone missing and I have one dying kitten in my house and my Cat Von Hertzen (aka Ylisöpö) is not doing too well either. Been pretty close to having a complete nervous breakdown some days. Too much sadness and sorrow to handle and losing my own cats, that I've known since they were tiny kittens is just too much.

Good news is: CAT CLINIC starts on Monday! Woohoooooo! 5 days in Gili Trawangan, 4 days in Gili Air and -hopefully- 2-3 days in Gili Meno. Meno will be either confirmed or cancelled soon, there's trouble in finding a place willing to host the clinic, so it may be we have to cancel Meno and instead after Air we come back to Trawangan for one or two days. But we'll see, there are people in Meno still working on getting all sorted out.

Please follow our FB-page for updates on the cat clinic. I will try to post photos and small reports there every day.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cat news!

Cat News! And it's not good news, for the most part.

To put it shortly: times have been pretty horrible here. Loads of sick cats, cat hospital full, cats dying... it's that time of the year again when all the diseases and viruses get active. Panleukopenia being the worst. On top of several panleukopenia cases: we've had a kitten with broken leg, orphan kittens, a cat with possible cancer and what else. Some we have been able to save, some have died no matter how hard we try to save their lives.

At the moment our cat hospital is totally full.

And what a nightmare it was yesterday when Tori from Lutwala Dive sent me a message that a cat was just brought in who has trouble breathing and is nearly dead already. But there was a medicine we could try for the cat, and I rushed over to the cat shop to pick up the medicine and then hurried to Lutwala Cat Hospital. I had a weird feeling about this case, 6th sense of a crazy cat lady, I guess. And when I got to the cat hospital, I saw right away the cat in this serious condition is my own Danny. What a shock! We have no idea what happened to him, he was found lying on a tiny path in the middle of coconut trees, he had serious trouble breathing and was already turning blue when he was brought to Lutwala. Good that we have the cat hospital in a dive shop: there was 100% oxygen at hand, and Danny was given that, in addition to loads of medication. He's doing a bit better now, breathing is a little bit easier, he walks around a bit, purrs and is alert. He's not eating though and his breathing is still very heavy, but nothing compared to what it was yesterday. Hopefully he will survive, I cannot stand losing another cat, have already buried 4 within the past 2 weeks. And 2 of my cats have been missing for days now and I'm worried sick something happened to them. They're brothers of Tarja, my cat who died 2 weeks ago.

We try to be happy about the cats that we are able to save, but of course it's hard and sad when you lose one of your own cats, whom you've known and loved since they were tiny babies.

One of our success stories: Tripod, a kitten whose leg was so broken it had to be amputated. But he's doing well now and is a happy, active kitten!

Hopefully we've now seen the worst and things will calm down a bit. We had to cancel Sunset Vet visit this month, due to all diseases going around like crazy, we didn't think it is a good time to have anything extra ongoing now. And also the big March clinic is close already, so soon we will have vets here again.

For the March clinic we need to collect money to be able to pay for all the medicines etc. Therefore Cats Of Gili and Gili Eco Trust are organizing another GARAGE SALE this week. See Upcoming Events -page for more info.

Also, please see the other pages for more information, links are on top of this page under the cover picture permanently, but let's put them here too:

Cat hospital is full

Nosey, a cat who possibly has a cancer in his face. We'll see. But it may not be happy ending for him... :(

Friday, January 16, 2015

Vet visit, cat hospital, cat shop and other news

Happy 2015 everyone! Been busy, with cat stuff and other things too, sorry for silence here on the blog. Hope most of you follow Cats Of Gili on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you stay on top of things even if this blog gives you the silent treatment...

A lot is happening! New website for Cats Of Gili is coming, there's the big March spay/neuter clinic to be organized, cat shop at Egoiste, cat hospital at Lutwala Dive, Sunset Vet Bali visiting, kittens here and there and crazy amount of emails regarding cats. But here's shortly about the most important things:

CAT SHOP at Egoiste is now open daily from 12:30pm until 3:30. Closed on Sundays.

Vets from SUNSET VET BALI are coming over on Sunday the 25th of January! They are available at the cat shop at Egoiste from 9am onwards. If you have a cat that needs to be spayed/neutered or needs other type of veterinary care, please bring your cat over. And if possible, inform us beforehand, so we can warn the vets what will be waiting for them here and they can be well prepared with right type of equipment and medicines.

We try to have Sunset Vet bali visit us once every month, just for a day or two. These "mini-clinics" are not free, we will charge for medication and the vet's time, as we need to cover the costs of travel and medicines.

We now also have a small CAT HOSPITAL at Lutwala Dive. Tori, the general manager of Lutwala, is also a vet nurse, so she takes in cats that are seriously sick or hurt, and she will look after them, take care of their medication and such, until the cats are well enough to go home or to be returned to where they were found. We've already had several patients, and although we haven't been able to save all of them (we've lost some cats that were just too sick or too hurt), we've nursed several cats back to health. It's just an amazing feeling when we can send a cat back home, after they've been so seriously sick they've needed hospital care!

For hospital care we also need to start charging the costs of food and medication. I hope all responsible cat owners here understand this and are willing to cover the costs of their beloved pet's care.

If it is a stray cat who does not have a home and an owner, naturally we will treat the cat and pay the costs from donations we receive.  Whether the cat needs vet care or needs to be hospitalized, we are not turning any cat in need away, we try to help each and every feline islander in need, no matter what.

Lutwala Dive also has a donation box at their office, in case you want to donate money to help us continue the work we do. More donation boxes are coming soon, more info on them when the boxes are here and spread around the island!

And one more thing: with the rainy season seriously ongoing, viruses and bacteria have really gotten active again. We've seen several feline panleucopenia cases already. This happens every year after the rains really start. Just reminding everyone: we have vaccinations against feline panleucopenia at the cat shop. 120 000 rupiah per vaccination.

And couple of our hospital success stories here:

A pretty little female cat that lives in Egoiste. She was found unable to walk a week ago. maybe had a collision with a horse cart or something but she was not walking at all and was in terrible pain. Luckily we had Sunset Vets here and they checked her and saw nothing was broken. The cat needed a good rest and painkillers, so she was taken to the cat hospital....

... and at the hospital she did not even try to walk for the first two days and we were super worried there was something seriously wrong with her. However, she then made quick recovery and started to move around. Today she was back to normal and we were able to return her back home to Egoiste! Great success!

This is John. He was a wild angry male terrorizing his neighbourhood. No-one was able to catch him until he got sick and weak. We thought he may have a tumour in his stomach as we noticed a huge hard lump in his belly. When Sunset Vets visited in December, they did a surgery to see what's going on. We all were horrified when we saw what it was: he had a tennis ball sized lump of plastic and who knows what else that had formed a hard ball inside his stomach, bloicking his insestines. No wonder he was feeling so miserable and was losing weight so much. After all the foreign stuff was removed, John stayed at the Lutwala Cat Hospital and made a slow recovery. And he has now decided to stay in Lutwala, kept on returning to his hospital cage even when the door was open and he would have been free to go his way. He then got a name John, has a collar now and is a happy, friendly Lutwala cat.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cats that love the cat shop, and other stories

There may not be many paying customers visiting the cat shop every day, but who cares, it never gets lonely! More and more cats seem to hear about the place and come visit. I can imagine the news spreading through their feline grapevine that hey guys, have you heard, there's a cat shop at Egoiste, there's FREE FOOD!

There's Alepa, our official cat shop cat, of course. And there is Siwa, another cat that lives at the neighbourhood and loves to hang around every day. She also loves to sneak inside, find a hiding place and take a nap. A new cat visitor is a big black and white male, no balls any longer of course so he's been to the clinic already. He's been visiting for couple of days now and he's super friendly and talkative: he can be heard coming before you even see him. And as I'm witing this post, there's a new ginger male cat that just appeared from somewhere, checked the shop and then parked himself to the food bowl.

Alepa is of course not happy. I think she considers she owns the place and she just looks super annoyed when strange cats come to eat from HER foodbowl.

Cats, gotta love 'em!

And here are some cats from that came to the November clinic for some reason or other, and are now doing really well: Raaskis was a skinny little kitten, full of fleas, when he was brought to the clinic on our first day. We could not release him, as he was in no condition to make it by himself, so we kept him at the clinic for 6 days so that the vets were able to look after him and medicate him and make sure he eats and gets better in every way. After the clinic moved to our neighbour islands, Raaskis moved to Lutwala Dive for one week, where his medication continued and he was slowly getting better. Now he lives in my house. Look at him now!

Raaskis taking it easy

A mommycat and 3 kittens were brought to the clinic in Gili Air. Mommy came first and later someone had left a box with 3 tiny tiny kittens in it on the Oceans 5 reception. We are not sure if the kittens are mommycat's own babies or not, but the babies seemed to accept the mommy with no problems and the mommy also took in the babies without hesitation. We knew where the mommycat was from, and went to ask if she has kittens there but no-one knew anything. They also did not want the mommycat back. So, mommycat became Mama Air, moved to Gili Trawangan with the 3 kittens and they are now living in my guestroom. Kittens have started to be playful, have learned to use a sandbox for a toilet and are also starting to eat cat food. All doing really well. Mama Air is the friendliest cat ever, and somehow I can just see how grateful she is to have a safe place to live and nothing to worry about. And the kittens are just super cute! (photos at the end of this post)

Then there is the kitten with just one eye. The other eye had to be removed, as it had already gone blind and was very infected. The kitten was very scared for the first couple of days, but has now started to be more friendly and even purrs when I hold her.

On top of these cats I have 5 other kittens that ended up in my care. Well, what could I do? They needed a place to live and.... there they are. This week they all will get vaccinated and then they can start going out.

I had 20something cats before the November clinic started. Now there's 30something, plus all the neighbourhood cats that also come eat in my kitchen.

Just to inform the Animal Hoarders -tv-show, that is surely already keeping an eye on me: all my cats live outside (after they have grown up and have been vaccinated) and most of them I only see once or twice a day when they come to eat. So it's not like I have dozens of cats inside my house or even in my garden. They come and go as they want and live very happy and free life. And they always know where to go if they need food, cuddles or anything else.

Oh, and now there is another new cat outside the cat shop, eating Alepa's food! They just keep on coming!

He loves the cat shop too
Kitten from Gili Air

Kitten from gili Air

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November cat clinic summary

 Those of you that have been following Cats Of Gili -facebook page know already how the big November cat clinic went. But here is a summary for the blog readers too!

The clinic lasted for 12 days. We spent 6 days in Gili Trawangan, then moved to Gili Air for 4 days and last 2 days we were in Gili Meno. In total 340 cats visited the clinic and of those 276 cats were spayed/neutered. Great success and it was easy to see this clinic was really needed, especially in Gili Air and Meno, where we haven't been since January this year.

Everything went really smoothly, most of the time, but sure, every time there is something that teaches us a lesson. For example: keeping track of our baskets. We lost 6 or 7 baskets during this clinic. The baskets are not easy to find and it's just super annoying that people borrow the baskets and then don't bother to return them to us, no matter how loudly we told we really REALLY need the baskets back. Without baskets, it's basically impossible go around catching cats and bring them to see a vet, so having baskets is a key thing on running a spay/neuter project like this. So, for the next clinic: need to find new baskets to buy and need to think about if we let anyone to borrow them anymore.

There were some other issues as well, that we need to do something about. We need to have brochures, both in english and in bahasa, to tell what we do and why do we do this. Most people do understand and support our efforts, but there are some people who do not understand or who think we take cats and kill them. That is absolutely not true! We have strict policy that if a sick or hurt cat is brought to the clinic, we try everything possible in order to help the cat survive. Also, the main goal with these mass spay/neuter -projects is to get the breeding of cats under control, so that in future there might be a bit smaller cat population on the Gili islands, but the cats would be happier and healthier. We've seen enough of dying kittens and sick cats in the past.

But these issues were just minor bumps on our cat clinic road this November, otherwise everything went really well.

We had just awsome vets and vet nurses, we had really enthusiastic volunteers running around catching cats, looking after them and returning the cats back to where they came from the next day. There were people who came to thank us for doing this and showing support otherwise too: giving donations or just coming by to see what we do, with promises to spread the word.

Huge thanks to everyone involved! Thanks also to Gili Eco Trust, Jakarta Animal Aid, BAWA in Bali and Sunset Vet Bali for making this clinic possible.

Thanks also to the following hotels/guesthouses who donated rooms to our vet teams:
  • In Gili Trawangan: Villa Rika, Woodstock, Lutwala Dive, Trawangan Oasis, Eden Cottages, Gili Divers, Villa Kokita
  • In Gili Air: Oceans 5 Dive Resort, Grand Sunset
  • In Gili Meno: Turtle Bungalows, Tropical Hideaways, Japun Bungalows

Anyone visiting the Gili islands and want to support our cause: why not stay in one of the places mentioned above? Tell them you've heard they donate rooms for the vet teams visiting the island, and you want to support nice places like that!

The next big clinic project will be in March. Dates are not yet confirmed, but as soon as they are, I'll post the info on FB and here.

There's a lot going on with Cats Of Gili otherwise too. Keep following us on FB to stay on top of cat news!

Meanwhile: the cat shop at Egoiste in Gili Trawangan is open, so if you need anything, come and visit! Or just come buy to say hi, give a donation or meet Alepa, our cat shop cat!

Alepa, our cat shop cat

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cat shop and clinic

Follow the red arrow in front of Egoiste to find the cat shop/clinic!

Cats Of Gili shop at Egoiste is now open every day from 11am until 2pm. Come and visit, do some shopping, give donations. I have loads of cat stuff to sell: kitten feeding sets and milk formula, cat food, collars, toys, flea powder and shampoo, books etc. And please note: all profits go to the cat project, so while you get for example food for your cats, you are also helping me to keep this project running!

With the selection of stuff to sell, I'm still experimenting a bit. Time will tell what sells and what doesn't. Come and see, and if there is something you need that I don't have here at the shop, let me know and I will try to find it somewhere!

But most important thing: the CLINIC will open next week on monday the 10th of November! We'll have the clinic here at Egoiste from November 10th until 15th, opening every day at 9am. After that we move to Gili Air, where the clinic will be at Oceans 5 dive resort, from November 16th until 19th. And after that we'll go to Gili Meno, I hope. We're still looking for a place to host the clinic there, hopefully we'll find a solution to that in the next couple of days.

We'll have vets and vet nurses from Indonesia, Australia, Finland and UK. Huge thanks to Gili Divers, Villa Rika, Eden Cottages, Woodstock and Trawangan Oasis for donating free rooms for the veterinary teams!

This clinic will be FREE! So you do not have to pay anything to get your - or your neighbourhood - cats spayed/neutered during this vet visit. If you see sick or hurt cats, bring them over too, the vets will treat every cat that needs veterinary care. You can come and borrow baskets from us to carry the cats here, if you don't have your own basket.

During the clinic, we desperately need help! Most important thing is to get volunteers to come and help catch cats for the operation. We also need people to look after the cats after they've been operated. So if you're on the island, please come and spend a day or two, or just couple of hours, helping out. Or just come by to see what we do, maybe give donation, help share the word of what is going on.

We do these big clinic projects to help control the breeding of cats on the islands. Hopefully in the future we may have less cats, but a happier, healthier cat population. That is the goal here.

For the clinic we also always need old towels, sheets, sarongs etc as well as piles of cardboard. Bring some over to the Egoiste Cat Shop if you have any.

While the cat clinic is ongoing at the Egoiste, there is also horse clinic activities at the Art Market/Night Food Market -area. If horses are more your thing, go there to help!